Hlth ins denials: where to draw the line

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Hlth ins denials: where to draw the line
Fri, 02-12-2010 - 2:10pm

Should insurance companies have unlimited obligation to cover any treatment deemed necessary by a physician? If these $55,000 treatments for a 5 yo with Stage IV Neuroblastoma are covered as a result of the lawsuit, what's to stop us from demanding treatments that cost $100,000 or $1 million?


I say we need single payer insurance and the regulation that will come along with it, so that reasonable payments are made to/by all health parties--docs, patients, hospitals, insurance companies, diagnostic companies, DME corps, drugmakers, equipment manufacturer--in extremely high-cost cases like this. I think rationing is necessary if we are ever going to contain health care costs.

Charity just won't cut it, as cases involving those who cannot afford a lawyer will never hit the news and draw in the big donations to pay for the care needed to stay alive. And it's not right that a few hospitals or docs get stuck providing all the charity care

Although I'm generally anti-health ins. company, I do not think it's right that they are forced to pay millions so that a drug maker can profit off a case like the one presented.