Core Inflation drops 1st time since '82

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Core Inflation drops 1st time since '82
Fri, 02-19-2010 - 10:26am

Interesting article - especially for agzar, who was always so concerned about inflation re the stimulus or whatever the concern was.

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LOL! You're welcome.

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I did find this article talking about core inflation:

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Liquidity drowns meaning of 'inflation'
By Henry C K Liu

The conventional terms of inflation and deflation are no longer adequate for describing the overall monetary effect of excess liquidity recently released by the US Federal Reserve, the nation's central bank, to deal with the year-long credit crunch.

This is because the approach adopted by the Treasury and the Fed to deal with a financial crisis of unsustainable debt created by excess liquidity is to inject more liquidity in the form of both new public debt and newly created money into the economy and to channel it to debt-laden institutions to reflate a burst debt-driven asset price bubble.

The Treasury does not have any power to create new money. It has to borrow from the credit market, thus shifting private debt