Obama: a pack-a-day and drunk

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Obama: a pack-a-day and drunk
Thu, 03-04-2010 - 3:23am

Obama’s Physical: “Smoking and Drunk is No Way To Go Thru The White House, Son!”

Leave it to the U.K.’s Guardian to point out what American papers edit out:

Barack Obama is still struggling to kick smoking, according to his first medical examination since becoming president.

Obama is sensitive about his cigarette habit and tetchy with reporters who raise it. But after his 90-minute medical at the Navy hospital outside Washington yesterday morning, his doctors confirmed he had not yet managed to conquer the habit and suggested he “continue smoking cessation efforts”.

The doctors said the president used medication to try to ease the pangs, they described it as “nicotine replacement therapy, self-use”.

His health was described as excellent and he does not have to return for another medical until 2012. Obama, who is 48, has 20-20 vision, weighs 179 llbs in his shoes and clothes, and requires little medication. Apart from the nicotine replacement, he uses a non-steroid anti-inflammatory medication associated with physical activity: he regularly plays basketball at the White House.

The doctors also recommended “moderation of alcohol intake”.

Okay, let me put on my Nurse’s hat here for a minute. Your physican doesn’t recommend “moderation of alcohol intake” unless you have an alcohol intake that might be charitably described as “excessive.” One doesn’t recommend “moderation” to a teetotaler, or even to somebody who drinks a glass of wine a week, or even once a month.


You recommend “moderation” to someone who is “immoderate” in their drinking. Yes, yes, yes.

Which begs the question: Just how much is President Drunky chugging down in the White House Saloon?

Hey, how’s that first year working out for you, Barack?


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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 9:52pm
I really don't care about his smoking but to moderate his drinking means he is drinking too much which worries me.
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Thu, 03-04-2010 - 10:21pm
He was a pretty active drug user in his youth, so there other things to be concerned about along with him getting drunk on the job.
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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 12:30pm


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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 6:45pm

The NY Post quote
"The doctor said Obama should:


—Continue smoking cessation efforts, a daily exercise program, a healthy diet, moderation in alcohol intake, periodic dental care, and remain up to date with recommended immunizations.


Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/news/politics/obama_checkup_excellent_health_still_p4cnqNMCY3VineErslej4I#ixzz0hXNPfivV

If the doctor said CONTINUE and there are COMMAS, that means that the president is CURRENTLY exercising, eating healthy, moderating alcohol intake, having periodic dental care....

Amazing what happens when we drop a word and ignore punctuation.

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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 7:07pm
Exactly. Once again, much ado about nothing.
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Sun, 03-07-2010 - 7:57pm
"Former" cocaine and alcohol abuser...you're guy is apparently still on the pipe. LOL!
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Mon, 03-08-2010 - 9:28am
There you go with your liberal elite education! Gosh, when will liberals learn that some people just don't want to understand grammar and punctuation? LOL!
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Mon, 03-08-2010 - 12:40pm

Do we all remember the Bush pretzel incident that ended with a black eye? Near beer my butt.....

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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 8:48am
Bush's fault. Bush did it.
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Tue, 03-09-2010 - 5:07pm

Pack a day? Links please.
"Alcohol intoxication (also known as drunkenness or being drunk or inebriated) is a physiological state occurring when an organism has a high level of ethanol in its bloodstream, or when ethanol otherwise causes the physiological effect known as drunkenness. In humans, common symptoms may include slurred speech, impaired balance, poor coordination, flushed face, reddened eyes, reduced inhibition, and erratic behavior. In severe cases, drunkenness can cause decreased motor response, coma, and even death."


Have you ever seen Obama DRUNK? Has anyone you know seen him DRUNK? Has it been reported by a reliable source that he's been DRUNK?

If a man has three drinks per day he exceeds the "in moderation" limit; but many men are not DRUNK after three drinks, especially if the three drinks are consumed over 8-12 hours, rather than in one sitting. He probably told his doc that there are days when he has more than two, hence the reminder to consume in moderation. He was probably also told to limit his intake of red meat. Are you going to accuse him of being a big, fat slob because of his diet and his high cholesterol, despite the empirical evidence to the contrary?

I think the fact that "moderation" was mentioned is an affirmation of Obama's honesty. How many people lie to their docs about how much they drink, or smoke or about the garbage they eat? My guess is it's at least 50%, if not more.