Hugo showing how socialism is done

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Hugo showing how socialism is done
Sat, 06-19-2010 - 11:26pm

Hugo Chavez Spearheads Raids as Food Prices Skyrocket

"Mountains of rotting food found at a government warehouse, soaring prices and soldiers raiding wholesalers accused of hoarding: Food supply is the latest battle in President Hugo Chavez's socialist revolution.

Venezuelan army soldiers swept through the working class, pro-Chavez neighborhood of Catia in Caracas last week, seizing 120 tons of rice along with coffee and powdered milk that officials said was to be sold above regulated prices."

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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 5:03pm
There are those who believe Obama is intelligent. . .BUT. . .how can an intelligent person continue to support an economic system
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Mon, 06-21-2010 - 5:32pm
For liberals, ideology trumps reality.