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Sun, 12-12-2004 - 2:12pm
Dear Soaps,
Now that they've sort of wrapped that stupid island story line, when is Days of our Lives going to get back to basic girl-covets-guy, guy-covets-bottle, girl-goes-crazy-and-sleeps-with-stranger, stranger-blackmails-girl, guy-gets-sober-and-fights-for-girl-type stories? I miss the old Days. — Christine

Dear Christine,
Good question. Now that the Salem ten don't have to fight the island's invisible magnetic fields or play captive to Tony's demented whims, it would be nice if they could get back on the track of tortured romance. Luckily, it looks like Days is setting the foundation for several love triangles. Abe's back in town and reuniting with his wife, Lexie, but he's (yes, we're going there!) too blind to see the unfinished chemistry between her and his son, Brandon. Meanwhile, Sami's struggling with her unresolved feelings for her ex-beau — also Brandon — and her baby's father, Lucas. I don't think Maggie is going to give up her man, Mickey, to tootin', falutin Bonnie without a fight. Billie's using the "I need my baby's daddy to help me find our long-lost daughter who we thought was dead" excuse to wrestle Bo away from Hope. There's the Belle-Philip-Shawn-Jan square, which is getting kind of boring. Belle should just do the right thing and drop Philip so he can find a woman who really loves him. So the show is primed to have just about every character battle for a very fundamental emotion. Let's just hope some other meteor doesn't fall from the sky to distract Salem's citizens from trying to find true love.

Dear Soaps,
I have watched One Life to Live for years, off and on again. Has Kelly ever been linked to David romantically in the past? — Debi

Dear Debi,
Let's be glad that David and Kelly never consummated their dangerous flirtation back in the mid-'90s, since she was a teen and he would have been arrested. A then-virginal Kelly developed one major crush on David, who found it amusing. Things went too far when Kelly tried to make Joey Buchanan jealous by seducing David. David, sneaky con that he is, took her to a tacky hotel and tried to get down and dirty with her for real. Scared out of her wits, Kelly knocked him unconscious and left him for dead. Obviously, the grown-up version of Kelly is still to David's liking. The two have exchanged some steamy looks on the road as they search for Ace, despite the fact that David is once again Mr. Dorian Lord.

Dear Soaps,
Do the writers at General Hospital realize what the show is called? It's not "Mob Story." When are they going to let the real drama begin (cough, the Quartermaines, cough, the Spencers, cough)? — Matt

Dear Matt,
With that bad wheeze, you may need to check yourself in at GH! Actually, several stories have taken place in the hospital. We watched Kristina battle her illness there, which could only be cured when her daddy, mobster Sonny, was informed of the connection so that his mistress Sam — who was also in the hospital — could donate stem cells from their unborn child who passed away.... OK, how about how Dr. Steven Webber wound up in the hospital after he saved Carly from the fire that erupted while she was in Ric's apartment, trying to destroy the evidence that would send her criminal husband Sonny to jail indefinitely... I guess the Mafia has found a way to seep into every corner of Port Charles. Maybe the writers have become victims of their mob-infused tales. They avoid focusing on other subjects for fear of being rubbed out by their leading players!

Dear Soaps,
Aren't Lizzie and Coop related on Guiding Light? They share the same father, don't they? — Dawn

Dear Dawn,
Please, don't we have enough related people getting it on in Springfield? No, Lizzie and Coop do not share the same father. Lizzie's daddy is the late Phillip Spaulding, who was recently bumped off. Coop's dad is Buzz Cooper, who is the top suspect in Phillip's murder. It seems like the kids of these feuding families are heading for a modern-day Romeo and Juliet romance. Let's just hope it doesn't end in tragedy.

Dear Soaps,
When did The Bold and the Beautiful start on the air? Since the show is only a half hour, do the actors receive comparable airtime as the other shows, given their short format? Thanks. — Judy

Dear Judy,
The formidable fashion houses of Forrester and Spectra first came to light on March 23, 1987. It would seem logical, since it only airs half as long as other soaps, that B&B's cast wouldn't get as much airtime. But the opposite is actually true: The show's cast is much smaller than those of its hour-long counterparts, allowing the writers to revolve its stories around the core families mentioned above. (Only recently did B&B add another clashing clan to the mix: the Marones.) Like its sister show The Young and the Restless, B&B hasn't tossed its more mature characters aside in favor of younger ones. It has kept several of its original cast members firmly in the mix with front-burner stories. When B&B cast members vie for Emmys, their submission tapes are often the longest. Their four half-hour episodes — comparable to the two episodes entered by actors on hour-long shows — can showcase their more concentrated screen time.

Dear Soaps,
It's my understanding that Jacob Young (JR) was actually singing on All My Children the other day. Do you know if he has a CD out? — Jennifer

Dear Jennifer,
Yep, ABC definitely knows how to cross-platform its talent. Young's performance at Miranda's fund-raiser was shot during the network's Super Soap Weekend at Disney this past November. And yes, it's his original music. You can hear Young's melodic voice in the comfort of your own home by scoring a copy of his self-titled album, available at Amazon.

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