Casting Call

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Casting Call
Sun, 12-12-2004 - 2:32pm
As the World Turns: Joseph P. Dandry returns as the manager of Al's beginning Dec. 13.... Tanner Cohen plays Squatzie, an old acquaintance of Alison's, Dec. 14.... Stephanie Raye is fashion reporter Sandra McLure on Dec. 17.

The Bold and the Beautiful: On Dec. 15 and 16, Angelica Bridges plays Paige.... Stacy Burnham appears as Andrea on Dec. 16.

Days of our Lives: Justine Brandy plays psychic Marguerite beginning Dec. 13.

Guiding Light: Beginning Dec. 14, Robert Dionne portrays Fantini, an undercover cop.... Dennis Flanagan appears as Zoo, a friend of Jonathan's, on Dec. 15.... On Dec. 16, David Don Miller appears as Harris, an up-to-no-good thug; Katie Firth plays Olivia at Ravenwood; Schuyler Yancey appears as a city jail guard who has information for Gus.

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