Now that Kirsten Storms's show Clubho...

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Now that Kirsten Storms's show Clubho...
Tue, 11-30-2004 - 7:36pm

Now that Kirsten Storms's show Clubhouse was canceled, should she return to DAYS

  • Immediately!
  • No way -- I like her replacement
  • She should test the waters in prime-time, then come back if she can't get wo
  • Who is Kirsten Storms?

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Wed, 12-01-2004 - 1:46pm
I voted immediately because I like her as Belle because she was the original but I have heard that in an interview she said she would not be returning to days.

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Wed, 12-01-2004 - 3:12pm

I voted the same way Heidi - I still feel Kirsten Storms is Belle.

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Wed, 12-01-2004 - 5:56pm
hmmm, i couldn't vote.