QOTW - 11/29 for all the newbies!

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QOTW - 11/29 for all the newbies!
Thu, 12-02-2004 - 10:36am

If you already answered on the other board, don't worry about reanswering here!

How much & what kind of decorations do you

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Fri, 12-03-2004 - 5:28pm
That WAS funny, My mom hates the soaps she thinks they are boring because they drag on and on she even hates primetime television with cliffhangers. She always says she forgets to watch the next time and never knows what happens. However, one time she came into my house and I was watching AMC. It was during the time when Leo, GreenLee and Leo's mom were on that mountain, remember? There was a scene were Anna tells David "Your mom is a derranged killer," and my mother burst into laughter, I was like this is sooooo not funny, after that she always asks for Greenlee and David (Since everyone else is gone) excpet she calls Greenlee Green Leaf.
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Fri, 12-03-2004 - 2:55pm

U are so funny - but it's the truth!

Some stories drag on & on & on.

& others they recycle over & over.

Sounds like your mom needs to be visiting our board lol!

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Fri, 12-03-2004 - 2:32pm

Welcome to the board Vicky!!

I answered the QOTW on the other board but will awnser it here too =).

We normally do just a tree. Last year the tree was by the fireplace so I strung lights on it too. But we moved and the tree will not be next to the firepalce so probably won't string any lights. Also put lights on a bush outside last year but have none this year. We do have a porch with railings that would look nice with lights but I doubt I will do that. I have zero Christmas sprite this year and I don't see that changing. I am so gald we can't go get a tree till next weekend because I don't want to go get it. Might skip it this year and just have H and the kid go pick one out.

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Fri, 12-03-2004 - 12:27pm

Hi Susie,

We don't do much planning anything that happens is very spontaneous.

i have to say i like the decoer heare! Great job! It all decked out up and running. that's fantastic!

i don't watch much soaps, only when i visit my mom who's got them going all day. so every couple months or so i see new episodes...drom what i recal when i was much younger it takes about that long for anyting to really much happen LOL so probably i'm not missing much.... Let's see there


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Fri, 12-03-2004 - 12:12pm
I put up my tree, a candle in my front window, some lights outside, and string miscellaneous knick-knacks throughout.