Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................

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Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................
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As she leans over to smother "Edward" with a pillow, Heather reels in shock when her intended prey reveals himself to be Luke instead. Awakening from a dream about her baby, Sam sadly confides to Sonny how much she misses the daughter they never had a chance to know. Jason listens from his hiding place as Ric presses Durant to provide him with a copy of the file which will put his brother behind bars for the rest of his life. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Steven admits to Carly that her father's real reason for coming to Port Charles was to bring Sonny down. Reminding Luke how everything she's done was for love of him, Heather confesses that she took his wife from the sanitarium but refuses to divulge where she's hidden Laura now. When John stonewalls, Ric decides to question both the federal prosecutor and Carly separately about their alibi for the night of the fire. After arranging to have the custody hearing moved up on the court calendar, Alexis informs an irked Sonny that she's carefully prepared a script for him to follow during his time on the witness stand. While Lucky and Elizabeth brainstorm about how to spring Nikolas from jail, Emily appeals to Mac for help arranging a hasty wedding ceremony for her and her incarcerated fiance. Luke loses patience with Heather's ravings and begins to throttle her. As Edward pulls Luke off of her, Heather grabs Skye and holds a knife to her hostage's throat. Pulling a gun, Sonny pressures a terrified Meyer into confessing how he cooperated with Durant. After working together to box up the baby's belongings, a tearful Sam thanks Jason for all the kindness he's shown her over the last few months. Ric realizes that Alexis is blackmailing Sonny into giving her custody of Kristina. Skye is startled when her captor claims that she isn't Heather at all but Laura. Alexis tells her husband how she plans to double-cross Sonny after the custody hearing.

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