Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) Q&A

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Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing) Q&A
Sun, 12-05-2004 - 10:25am
Rick Hearst
Ric Lansing, General Hospital

Ric's involvement in the Kristina stem-cell story line on General Hospital has been draining for his portrayer, Rick Hearst. But that's not the only reason this guy could use a nap. Along with his heavy workload on the soap, Hearst is currently shooting the lead role in the new independent comedy feature Carpool Guy, directed by his GH cast mate, Corbin Bernsen (Durant). Between catnaps, TV Guide Online caught up with the busy actor to get the scoop on both his gigs. — Delaina Dixon

Ric has been standing tall by Alexis' side as she deals with Kristina's illness. Is he really that into her?
I think his feelings toward Alexis are genuine. It's not that magical, transcendent type of romance; it's a contemporary relationship. They are very much equals on a lot of levels. He cares deeply for her and understands the need for a child to be with her mother.

Could this be Ric's way of confronting his own complicated childhood?
It is a way for him to repair that part of himself and the relationship he had with his mother, which had a lot of confusion.

Is there any guilt about keeping the child from Sonny, who is his brother and Kristina's father?
Ric truly does believe that the child could be in danger because of Sonny's lifestyle, which is why he's trying to put Sonny behind bars. But Ric won't be able to just cut his brother off and say, "I can't care about you." That's the part of the story I hope we truly get to invest in, the evolution of my character and his relationship with his brother.

Coming into 2005, it will be three years that you've been with GH.
It's truly been a blink of an eye. And there is so much more story to be told.

That means you'll be sticking around?
There are so many stones to be uncovered about this guy, and I'm looking forward to doing that.

You're definitely branching out. You're shooting an indie, and you're the lead.
I'm in this movie! My character is Joel Goodman. He's an adman in his mid-thirties who's content in his life and he doesn't want any bumps in his road. But with bumps come growth.

What's his bump?
When one of the admen in his company dies, Joel's given a challenge by his boss, played by Jeanne Cooper, to get a promotion. To win it, my character has to cut down on his commute because he's always 10 minutes late to work. So he decides to pick a homeless man and pay him to ride with him in the carpool lane so he can pick up some time. And that character is played by Anthony Geary (Luke, GH).

A friendship forged at first sight?
No. At the beginning, Joel is completely repulsed by the man. But slowly, he starts to open his eyes to who this man really is. The nature of the film is there are things in front of us every day that we never actually see, and everybody comes out having learned something.

Have you ever put your kids in the car with you just to ride in the carpool lane?
I've never taken them out of school to do that, but it always seems to go faster if you have people in the car, so the more the merrier.

How did you get involved in the project?
I was approached by Corbin after he started at GH, and he told me that he had a project for me, Tony and Sean Kanan (Deacon, B&B). It was a cool opportunity. My Ric is always going through changes; this character is very comical. The movie isn't a lot of heavy drama. I think it's a very human comedy, which I gravitate to because I'm such a fanatic about the human condition. Any way I can play that, I'm down for. Getting to work with Sean and especially to work so closely with Tony, I was over the moon about that.

What's Corbin like in the role of director?
He has so much energy, and he's completely open to whatever your input is as an actor. I think that comes from him being an actor himself. He'll give you some notes and leave it at that. He doesn't try to tell you how to play it or give you a line reading, all the things we as actors hate.

How are you juggling this and your GH schedule?
I told my wife, "Listen, hon, I may be working five days a week on GH, then on this film on the weekend. Be prepared, take a lover, do what you got to do. Just don't drain the bank account dry completely and we'll be good."

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