Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................

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Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................
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As Bobby tells the tale of his brother who disappeared after a birthday party and then relates that his parents were killed in a car crash, Nikki is taken aback and fears that he may be the brother of the little boy she shot. He goes on to admit he was born in Genoa City but eventually moved to Cleveland. Bobby goes on to explain that he ended up in New York with his aunt and his disapproving Uncle Al Marsino and changed his name from Charles Cassen. Kay is outraged when Jill shows her the notes Arthur wrote, explaining that he has decided to leave town because he is not trusted by them. Kay quickly blames Jill for Arthur's departure. She runs to the Athletic Club where she finds Arthur who hints about Jill's distrust and laments that they could never be happy as a family. Malcolm chats with Dru at the coffeehouse and congratulates her on the young woman Lily has become. Explaining how she ended up with Neil when Lily had trouble in Paris, Dru boasts of how wonderful her marriage is though Malcolm senses she's covering something. He starts to talk about their relationship but Dru cuts him of, insisting it's useless to talk about what might have been. When he watches her react to Kevin talking with Lily, Malcolm guesses he might be a sore point in her life. Also at the coffeehouse Kevin talks with Daniel about his interest in Mac and urges his friend not to go after an older woman. Lily introduces Devon to Kevin as her foster brother. Malcolm later asks about the job opening there. Mac sits with Daniel and is unimpressed when he mentions Kevin's a friend of his. Brittany and J.T. arrive and when Brittany tells Mac that Bobby's been busy at the club, J.T. comments on how much time Nikki's been spending there too. Brittany asks about moving back into to the loft with Bobby. When Mac doesn't like the idea, Daniel makes a remark about Brittany but J.T. is quick to defend her

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