Y&R updates 12/6 to 12/10

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Y&R updates 12/6 to 12/10
Mon, 12-13-2004 - 12:14pm


Malcolm questions Dru about her attitude towards him and gets her to admit she wants him to leave town. He discounts her fears about his return but then announces he won't leave Genoa City until he says goodbye to Lily. When Dru tells Neil that Malcolm has decided he has to leave town, Neil guesses otherwise, reminds her that Malcolm just took a job at the Crimson Lights and decides to go find his brother. Malcolm ends up at the hospital where he finds Olivia who hadn't heard his message. Turning down her offer to let him stay with her, Malcolm, explains that he's leaving town. She worries that he's going to Nate but he denies it and kisses her passionately before leaving. After arguing with Damon about her plan to save them from charges filed by the D.A., Phyllis arranges for Daniel to help Damon as he's released from the hospital. She runs to a tattoo parlor where she dons a special disguise for her scheme. Victor is shocked to find Bobby at the ranch with Nikki who explains how she offered him and his new bride a place to live while their condo is remodeled. Brittany then comes downstairs and thanks Victor for his and Nikki's hospitality. Bobby takes a moment to assure Victor they will leave if he doesn't want them there but adds that he was concerned about Nikki's state of mind. Victor invites them to at least stay the night. Finding Brad with a bored Abby at Jabot, Sharon comments on how hard it must be to raise a child alone. He talks about how important family is and later, she gushes about how much she loves her job. Meanwhile, Ashley advises Jack about the Jabot distribution center in Bakersfield burning and asks for his help. He explains he can't because of his deal with Victor and uses the moment to boast of his job offer from Kay. Abby calls to complain about how bored she is so Brad offers to bring her over to see her mother.

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