Updates 12/13 to 12/17

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Updates 12/13 to 12/17
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Chris reads the FAX to Paul and warns that Phyllis' warning Dominic about a revenge-seeking Damon could help Michael's client but not hers. When she admits she 's considering burning the damaging document to help Michael, Paul reminds her to do what's best for her own client. At the ranch Dru advises Victor that Neil quit because of Nick and implores him to undo this terrible mistake. Victor agrees to consider talking to Nick. At the coffeehouse, Malcolm guesses to Neil that if he stayed in town, their relationship would get worse. As Neil argues with his brother, Victor calls and asks him to the ranch. Malcolm points out how quickly he agreed and says goodbye. J.T. and a fellow student trade flirtatious comments as she hints that she wishes he had asked her out last year. Kevin tries to comfort an upset Lily when she complains that her uncle announced he's leaving town. He grabs her arms and she demands that he never touch her again. Malcolm confronts Kevin about Lily's reaction but Kevin insists he was just trying to help her. On the way out, Kevin asks J.T. about Mac and he warns him to stay away from her. Kevin runs home and interrupts Michael and Lauren as they kiss. He's totally unaffected by their intimacy which surprises Lauren who then learns about Michael's woes with Phyllis. Neil advises Victor about why he quit and refuses to return. He does warn Victor that Nick is power hungry and out of control. Malcolm stops by Olivia's place to say goodbye but she does her best to convince him to move in with her. As they get closer, Dru interrupts and shouts her way past him. Malcolm finally exits as the two ladies argue

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