A holiday miracle

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A holiday miracle
Sun, 12-26-2004 - 10:22am

In other Y&R news.... Michael's all scrooged this holiday season — that is, until his family steps in for a much-needed injection of Christmas glee. "His mother, Gloria, has gone kind of wacko, trying to make up for wasted time," explains Christian LeBlanc, who plays Michael. "But it's disturbing to see his mother jazzed up on Christmas with their abusive past."

Gloria forges ahead, joining forces with an unlikely source, the Newmans, to bring a little holiday cheer to her son. "There was that moment last year, when Michael was outside the Newmans' window, and he saw Victor, who had just gotten out of prison, surrounded by his family," recalls LeBlanc. "To see that they were so dedicated, despite their problems, Michael wanted a piece of that."

Called to the Newmans' under the pretext of a work emergency, Michael's in for a surprise when he gets the family-infused celebration he's only dreamed of. "People who think outside the box and show up for him, people he doesn't necessarily love or even like, he's astounded and floored," shares LeBlanc. "For a man who prides himself on being on the outside — a loner — he realizes it's all about belonging."

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Mon, 12-27-2004 - 9:10am

I really enjoyed the Christmas Eve episode.

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Mon, 12-27-2004 - 12:08pm

I really liked what they did for Michael too.