Updates 12/20 to 12/22

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Updates 12/20 to 12/22
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Adrienne surprises Damon at his place and blasts him for not testifying at Dominic's parole hearing. He finally reveals why he didn't go and the trouble he faces now. As he starts crying, he tells her he's sorry. Neil returns to pull an angry Dru out of Nick's office where she has been letting him know that she blames him for Neil quitting. Nick warns Dru that her job's on the line if she doesn't stop. Phyllis brings Malcolm to her place and offers him the couch. She's curious about the woman he just met and Malcolm insists he spent the night on the couch in her hotel room. He switches talk to Damon and admits he's concerned the guy might cause Phyllis harm. Phyllis mentions Damon's dealing with some demons but is a gentle-hearted man deep down. The two re-confirm their friendship as Phyllis boasts of how glad he's alive and back in town. Phyllis returns to her office and finds Dru sulking and concerned she may lose her job. When Phyllis gloats, Dru counters that she may have the entire office to herself if Phyllis is sent to prison. Dru is stunned when she reveals that Malcolm is staying at her place tonight. Nick runs to his wife at her office at Jabot and complains about Neil turning down a return to his position at Newman. Sharon hints that Nick needs good people around him and can't do it all by himself without his family suffering. Malcolm interrupts and reveals he's changed his mind and wants his job back. Instead, they ask him to manage the Crimson Lights for them. He agrees to consider the offer, Dru interrupts and blasts Malcolm for not leaving town as he promised but he smugly announces he's staying. Lily brings Devon to Fenmore's Boutique for shopping and he's overwhelmed by the prices until Sierra offers him help. Brittany leaks to J.T. about her new job and asks him not to tell Bobby.

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