More 2005 Previews!

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More 2005 Previews!
Thu, 12-30-2004 - 11:01pm
Nikki and Victor’s security in their marriage is threatened by the fallout of Nikki’s secret.
Victor decision to hand over the company to Nick comes back to haunt him.
Vic is moving in a different career path and it will be a problem for Nikki.
Nikki is bonding with Bobby which will be a challenge to her marriage with Vic vs. her relationship with Bobby.
Something unexpected will happen to Bobby’s marriage that will throw a monkey wrench into the whole dynamic.

The results of Lily’s paternity will be revealed by Feb. sweeps.

It will be a big umbrella story for the Abbotts and the Chancelors.

Jack is going to begin to manipulate a situation that is going to rid him and his company of Victor and he hopes forever.
Kay doesn’t necessarily agree with what he’s doing, and it going to pull her into the story in a big way.
Victor is going to be aware of Kay’s feelings and will act on them.
Gloria will pulled into it, and being Mrs. Abbott she is going to start acting out.

In the Phyllis, Damon, Christine, Michael and Paul s/l, Chris and Michael will be at loggerheads as they represent their respective clients in this case, and the five of them are going head to head with the DA.
Phyllis is going to come up with one of her wacky schemes to save the day.

Something unexpected is going to happen with JT and Colleen’s relationship in late Jan.
The viewers will learn what Colleen was up to while she was out of town, which will involve someone she met. The friend will be Zach who will be portrayed by Iman Nazemzadeh who is the second winner in CBS’s The Early Show completion called Soap Stars Screen Tests. He appears on Jan. 18 & 19. Zach want to take a Colleen on a road trip, and then JT enters the picture. (This tidbit is from CBS SID).

The Kevin/Mac/Daniel is going to shift. Mac doesn’t know about everything Kevin has been accused of doing and it will have an unexpected impact on her.
It will move Kevin in a direction of redemption, but in a Kevin-esque way.

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Thu, 12-30-2004 - 11:19pm

The results of Lily’s paternity will be revealed by Feb. sweeps.

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Sun, 01-02-2005 - 11:42am

I do hope Neil is Lily's father.