Updates 12/23 to 12/31 .................

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Updates 12/23 to 12/31 .................
Mon, 01-03-2005 - 12:35pm

Sorry no updates for the 23rd or 29th.


Dru feels guilty as Lily admits how excited she is about the surprise with Malcolm. Concerned when he doesn't seem to have any presents, Neil, Dru and Lily ask Devon about his shopping efforts. He admits to buying shoes for himself with the cash Dru gave him and runs to his bedroom. He returns moments later with special cookies he made at the rec center for them, laughing that he didn't buy the shoes after all. He hands the rest of his money back to a impressed Dru and Neil and talks about how his grandmother used to make these cookies. Dru wants to open gifts but Lily insists they wait. Once they finally sit around the tree and start unwrapping, Malcolm and Olivia arrive, a visit that thrills Neil. Chris stops by the office and finds Michael working, warning her not to give him the Scrooge on Christmas Eve story. He relates last year's effort to free Victor in time for a family Christmas, one he eyed through a window at the ranch. Upset, Chris leaves. Paul stops by the Fenmore Boutique to see Lauren but learns she's visiting at the hospital. Gloria and Kevin also pop in, hoping to see Lauren. Victor then arrives and asks Chris for a favor. With his parents on a cruise, J.T. turns down Mac's invitation to have Christmas with her grandmother. He's startled later when Colleen arrives at the loft. Victor sets up Michael at the ranch, asking him to come out there for a meeting. Michael finds a Christmas tree inside and little Noah asks him for help hanging his stocking. Cassie then asks the attorney for help and eventually Chris and Paul arrive with Kevin. Victor then instructs Michael to read a special file he has and as his eyes tear up while announcing a Christmas reading, Victor invites him to stay the night

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