Updates 1/3 to 1/7......................

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Updates 1/3 to 1/7......................
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Malcolm stops by to see Lily and she shows him the photos he took, thanking him for making her look so glamourous. She admits she heard he had a fight with her dad over a woman and when he denies it, she vows to find out why he's at odds with Neil. Brittany worries to Nikki about Bobby who didn't come home last night. Nikki stops her from calling the police and assures he will be home. When Victor arrives, Nikki blasts him for revealing the horrible truth to Bobby but Victor insists he did the right thing since she couldn't. Brittany seeks J.T.'s help for her missing husband and is angered when her friend wonders if he spent the night with another woman. Brittany complains about Bobby's closeness with Nikki. Damon stops by to see Chris and explains why he must tell Phyllis what they know about her conversation with Dominic in prison. Warning that he will most certainly go to jail because of his decision, she asks him to at least let her tell Michael first. Back at her place after spending the night in separate hotel rooms, Jack and Phyllis wonder how Daniel would react to their New Year's Eve adventure. Talking about 2005 and his new job, Jack wonders if their relationship might change. She admits that she has too much going on in her life right now. As Jack kisses her goodbye, Damon watches from a window. Damon interrupts and after Phyllis compares her friendship with Jack to his and Adrienne's, Damon thanks her for all she has done in getting him to be open to feelings after the death of his son. He then announces he can save her from a trial and pulls out the prison transcript. Malcolm's pleased to see Adrienne's still in town and asks her out

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