Updates 1/10 to 1/14 ...................

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Updates 1/10 to 1/14 ...................
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Still upset with his sister, Jack confronts Victor in his office after failing to find Nick and demands to know why he's getting involved in Jabot's business. Victor explains that he'll advise Ashley on what to do to save the family business but Jack guesses he has another reason for the offer and leaves, hinting that his plans may fall through. At the Athletic Club Jack meets with two bankers about Jabot's tremendous debt and offers to buy it but they explain that Victor has already taken the first step to do just that. After the bankers exit, Jack calls Brad and leaks what Ashley has done. Both agree that once Victor learns the financial secrets of the company, he can bury Jabot. Lily convinces Devon to help her with her surprise party for Malcolm. After Dru confirms for Olivia that she's ordered the DNA test kit, she asks her about Adrienne and Malcolm. Olivia denies that she cares whether he sees the "other woman" but Dru thinks otherwise. After sharing a kiss at her place, Malcolm and Adrienne are a bit uneasy but continue to make small talk. She does admit that he intrigues her and adds that she'd like to get to know him better. Damon angrily confronts Michael in his office and blasts him for failing to let him know his trial date before the ,media reported it in the morning paper. Michael admits he's trying to get the date postponed. Phyllis arrives and argues against taking the prison transcript to the D.A. right now. Grabbing the nearby paper, Phyllis is curious about a particular story and shows it to Michael. Ashley tells her father about arranging for Victor to help Jabot but John blows up at his daughter and won't allow it. Ashley tries to cancel the deal she made with Victor but he insists he will yank his money if he's not involved in the running of the company. She calls his bluff just as John finds them arguing

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