Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................

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Updates 11/29 to 12/3 ..................
Sun, 12-05-2004 - 9:45am

Getting ready for her first day of work, Jackie complains to Deacon that she has nothing to wear. Amused to find her bed topped with many outfits, Deacon comments on the "tough" decisions she's had to make in her life and pulls her onto the bed to kiss her. Later, she confesses that she loves him. Taking the blame for their problems, Stephanie urges Thorne and Ridge not to walk away from the family. Ridge backs down and admits that he came on strong because that's how he's always dealt with competition. However, when Thorne thanks him, Ridge insists that he won't allow Thorne to use the Forrester name, calling it strictly a business decision. Eric argues that it's not a trademark issue since Forrester is Thorne's last name but Ridge insists it's a brand name that must be protected. Brooke pipes up and argues with Darla as she defends Ridge's stance. Realizing Ridge won't back down, Eric overrules his son and announces that Thorne can use the Forrester name. Ridge reacts by complaining that he has "busted his hump" to turn the company into the powerful one it is. After leaving with a hint of what he must do, Ridge later boasts to Brooke that he intends to have himself named CEO of Forrester so he can stop Thorne. Dr. Whittman and Dr. Ying advises Nick as he waits for his father's return that there is no guaranty that the experimental treatment they performed will help Massimo. When his father arrives, Nick is overwhelmed when Massimo turns to look at him and asks his son for his Marone ring.

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"After they reluctantly leave, Ridge finds it hard to start so Eric does, boasting of how fulfilling it's been to work with Ridge. He goes on to admit how difficult his decision was to make about Thorne but expects Ridge to respect that decision. Hearing that Brooke failed to convince Ridge to change his mind, Thorne bursts into Eric's office and demands to be heard. He leaks Ridge's plans to fight Eric. Ridge confirms that he must make the most important decision he's ever had to and make Eric "CEO Emeritus." Stunned that he intends to take away all his power, Eric angrily blasts his son and claims he can't legally do this. Ridge insists that Brooke will second his motion. Stephanie quickly approaches Brooke to vote to save the family."

That 's what I get for not watching on Thurs. & Fri.