B&B updates 12/6 to 12/10

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B&B updates 12/6 to 12/10
Mon, 12-13-2004 - 12:06pm

Deacon slips in to see Nick and announces that he has news about how his mother is doing. Nick resents him being there but Deacon claims he shouldn't ignore Jackie and urges him to be happy for her since she obviously couldn't be happy with Massimo. Nick doubts that Deacon could ever make Jackie happy and tells him to leave her if he truly loves her. Deacon returns home where he finds Jackie waiting. He admits he tried to mend some fences with her son and claims that one day soon, he thinks that Nick will come around and accept their relationship. Tired of his brother and Eric trying to "work" Brooke, Ridge takes her to the hallway and pleads with her to understand that he's trying to save his father's business by taking over as CEO. Brooke tries to explain Thorne's desire but Ridge insists that he will not allow Sally to hurt Forrester anymore. He confirms that Thorne has the right to use his own name but claims that Sally and her cohorts will want more and more until there is nothing left at Forrester. Brooke concurs from a business standpoint but warns that she has watched Eric through all of this and worries that Ridge will lose him if he follows through on his decision. Sadly, Brooke states that she wants this family to start healing. Ridge claims that he wants Thorne to come back to the company. Inside Eric's office, Stephanie describes for Eric what she thinks Ridge and Brooke are talking about and worries that Ridge will soon be sitting behind Eric's desk. Thorne offers to drop his name from the Spectra Couture label but Eric won't allow it. Ridge and Brooke return and after Ridge explains that he's doing this to protect the family, Eric won't change his mind. Ridge calls Megan in and asks for an official vote. Surprisingly, Brooke votes against her husband who is devastated.

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