Updates 12/13 to 12/17

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Updates 12/13 to 12/17
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Talking about Massimo's rehabilitation, Stephanie leaks to Eric about the man's problems with his wife and mentions her affair with Deacon and how it's revelation occurred at the same time Massimo had his stroke. Eric can't believe it and quickly guesses that Deacon is using Jackie, taking advantage of a vulnerable woman. Though Stephanie hints they might be in love, Eric asserts that she is too good for a man like Deacon. Meanwhile, at the Marone mansion, though shots are fired, no one is hurt as Massimo assures Nick and Ridge that the handgun is filled with blanks. Massimo refuses to be sent back to the hospital and wants Deacon to confess to how he gave Jackie drugs. Jackie denies it but Ridge and then Nick angrily insist that she leave so that Massimo can calm down. Deacon escorts her out and tries to downplay Massimo's recovery, warning that he's dangerous in that he';s obsessed with her. Jackie insists that she can't leave Massimo but then starts kissing Deacon passionately as they sit in his car. However, when he starts the car, she jumps out and heads back to the mansion. Nick admits to his father that he knew about Deacon and his mother. He explains further that he found them together and immediately arranged for Massimo to be moved. When Massimo wonders why Deacon is still pursing her, Nick insists it's two-sided which startles the old man. Jackie returns and she and Massimo ask for some time alone. Eric confronts Deacon at his place and orders him to walk away from Jackie. Deacon interrupts with the news about Massimo pulling a gun on him earlier. He argues that he makes Jackie feel alive, something, he adds, Massimo will never be able to do.

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