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Updates 12/20 tp 12/22..................
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Bridget finally admits to her mother that she's having problems. Brooke is quick to guess that Ozzie has done something to hurt her but Bridget quickly denies it and takes the blame herself. Bridget confesses that she doesn't feel like she can be close to a man anymore and feels out of place no matter where she is. She insists that she can't live like this anymore. Brooke apologizes for how she has hurt her over the years, especially for the pain she caused getting involved with Deacon. Paige asks for Deacon's help, zipping her into a sexy black Spectra gown and asks what he thinks of it. Deacon stares and then admits that the man she's trying to please is very lucky. Paige admits that her husband died last year and she has spent the past months sailing around the world, trying to get over her grief. She slyly asks him if he's doing anything tonight. Deacon offers to change them, hinting that the man of her dreams could be nearby. Meanwhile, Stephanie is lecturing Jackie about Deacon, warning that she will soon tire of his antics and lies and eventually want to have Massimo back in her life. Jackie denies it but guesses that she'll be the first to come tell her that "I told you so." Stephanie insists she's just trying to watch out for Massimo and doesn't want him hurt anymore than he has been. Jackie kicks her out but as she leaves, Stephanie claims that if she had any decency, she would not have accepted Jackie M Boutiques from Massimo. Hector stops by to thank Nick for his donation to the fire department and eventually leaks that he's engaged to Sam who designed his office. Paige stops by with her good news about meeting Dean at the Cafe Russe. Just then, Jackie calls and invites her son to dinner there also.

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