Updates 12/23 and 12/31

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Updates 12/23 and 12/31
Mon, 01-03-2005 - 12:01pm

Sorry can't get updates from tvguide for the 23rd or 29th.


The Spectra staff awaits Amber's arrival before they dig in on the special Christmas dinner. Thorne and the others are shocked when they find Ridge at the door instead of Amber. He explains that their parents are home alone for the holidays, thanks to their efforts not to spoil the other's holiday. Thorne quickly agrees to join him back at the Forrester mansion. There, Stephanie suggests to Eric that this Christmas is the most depressing one they've ever had. As they try to get past it, the doorbell rings and the two are thrilled to find their sons' families waiting to bring their celebration inside. Ridge and Thorne arrive separately and assure Stephanie that in spite of their differences, there is no disagreement over the fact that family comes first at Christmas. The gathered guests express their hopes and understandings of what the spirit of Christmas truly is.

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