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Updates 1/3 to 1/7
Sun, 01-09-2005 - 9:17pm

With the kids in bed, a negligee-clad Brooke waits anxiously for Ridge to come home so she can "romance" him. Finding the note reading "c'mon in," Stephanie walks in on an unsuspecting Brooke who guesses her husband has returned. As she promises a special massage, Stephanie startles her by grabbing her about the neck. Unapologetic, Stephanie worries to Brooke about Bridget's return and that it might mean she wants to get close to Ridge again. Brooke insists Bridget's only upset about Oscar ending their relationship and her studies. Stephanie reveals that she called Oscar and learned that it was Bridget who ended things. Still at what's left of the party, Ridge urges Bridget to stop hiding her feelings for him so they can deal with them and end her troubles. Nick interrupts and offers to take Bridget home. Ridge argues that he'll play delivery boy but Nick warns it's inappropriate for him to do so. Ridge ends up taking her home. There, he promises to help her be happy again. Holding her close to him and reminding her of the special name he always called her, Ridge assures her that she will always be "his princess," a claim Brooke overhears. Stephanie visits with Nick and starts to panic when he relates what he learned from Bridget during tonight's big beach bash. He angrily argues that Bridget should not be living in that house with Ridge and Brooke. He pushes her to convince her son to leave Bridget alone and leave his "sappy feelings" to himself


At the breakfast table, Bridget continues to act moody as Brooke, Ridge and Hope dig in. Thomas joins them and boasts to Brooke that Ridge was dancing with Amber last night. The mood changes when Thomas points out how much in common Ridge and Bridget have. Uncomfortable, Bridget quickly begs off. Ridge then suggests to Thomas that he has unresolved feelings for Caitlin and must treat her right. Thomas exits so Brooke asks her husband what's bothering Bridget. Ridge hesitates so Brooke demands to know if Bridget still has feelings for him. She admits she saw her touching Ridge's cheek but he insists they are just friends and assures her Bridget won't mistake his help as anything but assistance from a friend. Bridget catches Nick dining on a plate of ribs and apologizes for her meltdown last night. After she states that she's returning to Copenhagen, Nick asks what that will accomplish. She offers many reasons but he ignores her and accuses her of putting Ridge on a pedestal. In her office, Sally shows Thorne and Darla a graphic representation of how successful their new line is when compared with Forrester's. Thorne reminds Sally he hasn't seen her new ads. Eric interrupts, complaining of the latest ad featuring Thorne's name in huge print. Sally plays dumb but her scheme is revealed when Clarke wanders in, raving about how the printer did exactly what Sally ordered. Sally defends her actions but Eric angrily asks Thorne what he's going to do about this, hinting that he wants Sally fired. Thorne refuses and promises that it won't happen again. Sarcastic, Sally offers her apology harming the "house of Forrester." Thorne lectures her that they are going to succeed without dirty tricks, using their own talents.


When Caitlin arrives late for work, Thomas presses her about their conversation at the party last night. After he assures her that she is his friend but nothing more than that, Caitlin states that she knows he's involved with Amber and has accepted that. She's surprised when Thomas asks her to be his date, as a friend, for Roxbury's formal dance and when she asks him about the invitation, he turns red and then explains why he asked her. He assures Amber's okay with the idea and she accepts. Still with Nick, Bridget guesses that he has feelings for Brooke and is hiding them so that the woman he loves will be happy. Reluctant to confirm it, Nick finally states that he doesn't dwell on what he can't have. Brooke argues with Ridge that Bridget needs her in her life right now, not him. She insists that the kisses he once shared with Bridget can never, ever happen again. Warning that her children are more important to her than her marriage, Brooke demands that he promise not to cross the line she's drawn. He agrees but she spells out she doesn't want him kissing, holding or caressing Bridget or calling her "princess." When Bridget returns home, Brooke asks why she didn't come to her first about her troubles with Oscar. Apologizing for causing problems again, Bridget claims she's going to be heading back to Copenhagen soon. Brooke won't hear it and asks her to stay, calling her the most important thing in her life.


At the Forrester showroom, Thomas and Caitlin practice their swing dancing in preparation for the upcoming Roxbury dance. When Caitlin disappears during a break, Thomas is taken aback when Amber suddenly shows. He finally admits he's been practicing with his date: Caitlin. Caitlin returns so Amber insists that she is fine with Thomas taking Caitlin. After Thomas leaves to find Megan, Amber assures her rival that she has no problem with her going with Thomas since she thinks of it as a final farewell to all the kid stuff in his life. Jackie compliments the "new" Massimo after he pops into her office. While Deacon sneers from nearby, Jackie promises to prove to her ex-husband that her faith in him never wavered. She asks if they can remain friends but he isn't interested and walks out. Back in his office, Deacon angrily tells Jackie that Massimo is waiting for him to ruin things, guessing that her ex thinks he's a big loser. She downplays his insecurities but he talks about how he was when he was drinking. When he worries that his desire for a drink may bring back the "old Deacon," Jackie insists that bad man is dead. After a phone conversation with Massimo, Heather slips more of the tasteless, colorless alcohol into Deacon's protein drink and then hands the glass to him.

Unaware he's drinking a spiked protein drink, thanks to Heather, Jackie tries to convince Deacon that his craving for alcohol doesn't mean he's failed to stay sober. After Jackie goes home for the night, Deacon thanks Heather for the fantastic protein shake she made for him. Caitlin shows off her latest design to Eric and Stephanie and points out that her mother helped with an accessory decision. Eric compliments them and then shows Stephanie a recent Spectra print ad featuring Thorne's huge name. Megan hands him the latest sales figures which are a disappointing five percent decrease. Bob brings Spectra's figures into Sally's office which show sales are up another 20% this week. Thorne takes a call from Eric who congratulates him on his success. As they talk, Stephanie guesses Eric's hiding his concern over his failing company. Ridge and Nick proudly welcome Massimo back into his office for the first time since his stroke. Massimo reminds Ridge that his office sits vacant across the hall and urges him to reconsider coming back to work here. Ridge begs off. Massimo then announces that Jackie will soon realize what kind of man Deacon is but won't explain his sudden statement. He then fields a call from Heather and orders her to test Deacon and his desire for drink. When Deacon's take-out dinner arrives, he's shocked to find a bottle of vodka inside the bag. Ridge stops by Spectra to congratulate his brother and admits that if it hadn't been for him, Thorne would still be successful at Forrester. He asks him to return to the family business to work with him and Eric.

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