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Updates 1/10 to 1/14 ...................
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Sally dons yet another disguise along with Darla who wheels her into the Forrester showroom in hopes of getting a glimpse at the latest line from her rival. While reporter Jarrett fails to recognize her, Stephanie peaks out from behind the curtain and quickly spots her. Eric confides in Stephanie that he is responsible for the situation they face as they unveil a new line without help from either of their sons. Using a phony French accent, Sally hints to the fashion reporter that Eric's talent seems to be slipping. As the "preview" show gets underway, Stephanie urges Eric to relax and let Caitlin and Sam handle the running of the showing but both realize the lukewarm reception they're getting is disappointing. When she questions his company's falling stature, Eric decides to have Sally tossed out but as Stephanie wheels her out, her passing words cause even more questioning on the part of the gathered reporters. He confides to Stephanie that he realizes now that Ridge was right about allowing Thorne to use the Forrester name. At Spectra, Ridge urges his brother to come back and work with him at Forrester. Thorne firmly states that he could not leave his company but Ridge points out that Spectra is actually Sally's company and she's making all the profits. Guessing Sally's paying him a "cool million a year," Ridge pooh poohs it as a mere pittance compared to what they could make back with Eric. Sally and Darla return to the office and overhear Ridge pressing Thorne to come back to Forrester. Clarke surprises Deacon as he considers taking a sip from the vodka bottle. After Clarke leaves, Deacon grabs the bottle but ends up smashing it against the wall


Thorne arrives late for the little Spectra celebration at the Caf? Russe. He asks to speak to Sally privately but when she insists that Clarke and Darla can hear what he has to say, Thorne announces that he wants to talk about splitting the company profits with her fifty-fifty. Sally's outraged while Clarke suggests Sally also toss some profits his way. Thorne admits he's received an offer from Ridge who has offered to give up some control of Forrester if he returns. Sally reminds him she spent her entire life's savings to buy back the company so Thorne offers to forego his salary for the share in the profits. Nick's intrigued to find Bridget at the Forrester pool wearing a bikini at night. He's surprised to learn that she's decided not to return to Copenhagen and warns her that she can't live in the same house as Ridge and Brooke. Wearing his swim suit, Ridge approaches as Nick issues his warning and claims that Bridget is staying with them because she's family. Ridge and Nick exchange words about what Bridget can and can't do until Ridge ends up with the last word. Hearing Bridget's decision, Stephanie warns Brooke that Bridget cannot stay with her and Ridge and still be able to heal. Brooke argues that"she's dealt with it" and knows her daughter is getting a handle on her feelings for Ridge. Brooke laughs uncomfortably and accuses her mother-in-law of making her nervous but Stephanie insists she's serious about this problem and urges her to send her daughter back to Europe. Brooke refuses and argues that Bridget can handle this.

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