News - 1/18

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News - 1/18
Tue, 01-18-2005 - 10:34pm

    • Jennifer Finnigan (ex Bridget) is engaged to actor Jonathan Silverman.

    • Dallas alum Linda Gray will reprise her role as Priscilla Kelly, Samantha's mother. Last seen during the summer of 2004, Gray will make a two-day return engagement on February 25th & 28th.

    • While Jack Wagner presumably will submit his name in the Daytime Emmy acting categories for his portrayal of Nick, CBS Soaps In Depth reports that the actor will have a shot in the Original Song categories as well. The actor/singer has submitted the three songs he co-wrote & performed on B&B in 2004, "Going Back Again," "Bring It On" & "Still Water" for Emmy consideration. Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell, who thinks Wagner's music has a serious shot at winning, reveals that the actor will do more singing on B&B in 2005; in addition to his rendition of "Dancing In The Moonlight" at the Jackie M party (which aired in January), Wagner will also perform another love song in February/ March.

    • Astute viewers may have caught the small change the show made to its opening sequence for the new year: when the sequence aired on January 3rd, the pictures of the characters, which included the characters' names since the new sequence debuted in July 2004, now included the names of the characters' portrayers as well. (B&B's sister show, The Young and the Restless, has included the actors' names with their pictures since 2001.)

    • In light of his behavior of late, many B&B fans have found Ridge to be arrogant, contentious and even pig-headed. But Executive Producer/Head Writer Bradley Bell thinks that Ridge has actually always been that way. Bell tells CBS Soaps In Depth that he's seen Ridge's arrogance dating back to the very first episodes of B&B. "I think he's always had this attitude inside him," Bell states. And even if Ridge eases up on his attitude, as with his recent change of attitude towards Thorne, Bell still thinks Ridge will be outspoken when he needs to be heard. "This Ridge is our Ridge, love him or not," Bell says. Still, Bell has to give credit to Ridge's portrayer Ronn Moss, who he sees as one of the nicest guys he knows off camera, for playing Ridge's jerky side so well.