Updates 1/17 to 1/21 ...............

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Updates 1/17 to 1/21 ...............
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Ridge wakes Brooke after sleeping half the day and admits that his late-night visitor was Amber. Meanwhile, Amber is busy at a computer at Spectra, downloading and printing the photo of Ridge and Bridget together. Darla enters and senses something is up. Hiding her handiwork, Amber boasts that it's time someone put Ridge in his place and runs off. Hearing "their song" on the nearby radio, Thomas invites Caitlin to practice their dance moves for the upcoming Winter Formal. Ridge and Sam eye them having fun together and then they are joined by Hector who is surprised to hear about the dance contest. Though Ridge assures Caitlin's dad this is nothing more than dance practice, Hector realizes what he's doing. Ridge privately assures Sam and Hector that their daughter will not be hurt by his plans for Thomas. He adds that only Amber will suffer. Ridge then talks with his son about his friendship with Caitlin and what could have been. After Thomas mentions Ridge's legendary youth, Ridge claims it's a good time to try different experiences and enjoy your freedom. Amber approaches Brooke about her husband and suggests that her vote against her husband shows her that she knows Ridge has crossed the line in business. She goes on to suggest that he has done the same when Brooke hasn't been looking and announces that he's crossed the line with Bridget. Brooke asks her to leave but Amber claims she thinks Brooke needs to know what's going on in her own home. Amber then hands her the photo of Ridge tenderly holding Bridget, seemingly about to kiss her..

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