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When Darla leaks that Sally's having a tough time dealing with his monetary demands, Thorne claims that he can't bring Spectra Couture to the top unless he receives what he feels is his fair share. However, he also adds that if he has to leave the company, he will wait until his contract is up so as not to leave Sally "in the lurch." Sally comes back to Thorne with a counter offer. She agrees to split the company profits with him right down the middle but only if he invests in Spectra and buys half the company for $50 million. Amber denies to Stephanie that she took the photo to seek revenge against Ridge. Stephanie stops her cold and, after a few seconds of thought, orders her to get out and never come back to the Forrester mansion and guest house. Brooke asks Ridge and Bridget to take their time and determine if there exists any feelings other than friendship between them. Bridget confesses to her mother that while she loves Ridge, she doesn't care for him in a sexual way. Ridge counters that while he loves her warmth, compassion, and sensitivity, his feelings of desire and passion are only with Brooke. He grabs the photo to rip up and Brooke stops him, taking one last look just to reassure herself that the scene captured on film was innocent. She insists that this will be the last time any of them mention this. Later, Ridge finds Amber packing and boasts that her relationship with Thomas is over. After Ridge leaves, Amber tells herself that she's going to teach Ridge a lesson.

Brooke invites Nick over to thank him for all he's done to help Bridget, admitting tonight's breakthrough has made her marriage stronger than ever. Bridget angrily insists to Stephanie that it's over between Ridge and her but the Forrester matriarch questions her veracity. Guessing that she had hoped she would have come between Brooke and Ridge, Bridget asks why Stephanie can't leave her mother alone. She argues that she was trying to protect her mother's marriage because Bridget is part of the Forrester family and she doesn't want Ridge to get hurt. Stephanie asks her about her feelings for Nick and guesses her relationship might be more than just a friendship. Bridget insists they are just friends and points out the man's bad points. She returns home and runs into Nick as he's leaving. Stunned by the fifty million dollar figure Clarke tossed out, Darla questions it's validity. Sally insists it's a fair deal and points out that she considers Thorne part of the Spectra family. Thorne asks for time to consider her offer so that he can have her offer assured by an investment banker of his own choosing. Sally guesses he'll get his investment back in five years and suggests that "the sky's the limit." Thorne privately tells Darla that he'll have to sell his shares in Forrester to raise that kind of money.

Darla and Thorne find Sally and Clarke celebrating because of their latest weekly success. Sally starts boasting of what he'll have if he invests in Spectra and Darla stops her so that Thorne can announce he's decided to accept her offer to buy 50 percent of the company. Sally is thrilled and thanks him for making the smartest decision of his life. Thorne claims that it was them who made him believe in himself. Grabbing the ever-present microphone, Sally tries to tell the staff but Thorne asks her to wait so he can inform his parents first. After he leaves, Sally decides to throw a party in Thorne's honor. Eric shows Stephanie the latest sales figures and guesses that with Spectra's figures still rising, she must be thrilled. Reminded of Ridge's request to Thorne to come back to the family business, Eric hopes it will only be a matter of time before Thorne comes back to work and talks about having a special office built for him. Thorne interrupts and disappoints his parents by revealing his decision to stay at Spectra and become part owner. Eric is outraged as Stephanie guesses he's selling his ownership in Forrester and cutting all ties with the company. Eric pleads with him not to go. Deacon is curt with Heather as she hands him the latest revenue figures. Jackie arrives and finds him out of sorts. She senses he wants a drink and he concurs, admitting he wants one "real bad" but sends her home, promising he can handle things. Slipping out of the office, Heather meets Massimo in his limo and boasts of Deacon's cravings for alcohol. Massimo watches Deacon as he grabs a vodka bottle from the cabinet below the sink and takes a drink.

Serge gives Clarke a hard time for bringing in a plate of "pigs in a blanket" for Thorne's party. Sending the outrageous party planner to the other room, Sally confides to Clarke how nervous she is about her deal with Thorne and then worries about why Thorne and Darla aren't back from their visit with the Forrester parents. Sally decides to rush over there herself. Telling his son he needs him, Eric asks Thorne to come home. Darla arrives and secretly hears Stephanie pleading with Thorne to return to the company as a favor to them. Darla finally enters and Thorne talks about the family he has waiting for him over at Spectra. Stephanie claims those people are not blood-related but Thorne promises they are supportive. Stephanie then suggests that Spectra's success is usually short-lived and asks Darla to confirm it. Instead, she sides with Spectra and points out he'll be a full partner with ownership. Eric badmouths Sally's company just as Sally arrives. Massimo pours a drink for Heather back in his office and boasts of how short a time it took to send Deacon over the edge. Heather wonders what they'll do next but her boss advises her that it's really up to Deacon. As he goes on about his hopes for Deacon, Heather worries that Jackie may be in danger. Meanwhile, an excited Deacon rushes home and kisses Jackie excitedly, boasting of how happy he is, thanks to her. When he starts kissing her and she stops him to ask if he's been drinking. Confessing he had one, Deacon insists he can handle it but when he tries to force her to have sex, she yells at him to stop. Realizing what he's done, he orders her to get out. He tries to empty the vodka bottle down the sink but takes another drink instead.

Thorne proposes a challenge, Forrester vs. Spectra. If Forrester wins then Thorne will go back to Forrester. Sally is uneasy about this and so is Eric but Thorne is confident Spectra will win. Ridge, Brooke, and Bridget tell Thomas about Amber's photo she took and the old feelings between Ridge and Bridget. They explain that Amber tried to convince Brooke that Ridge and Bridget still had feelings for each other, and that Amber was trying to destroy Ridge's reputation. Thomas does not believe that Amber would do such a thing. Amber enters and says that she was actually trying to save his reputation. Amber begs Thomas not to let his family poison him against her. Thomas is caught between Amber and his father.

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