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Tue, 03-25-2003 - 9:24am
Change Change Change............ before you exit out.... and decide to try it later....

give me 2 minutes to help get you acquainted with the new system.

First..... its very much like our old board, just a bit more segmented....

There are currently 3 folders - we will have more later but for now we have 3

GENERAL DISCUSSIONS - that really will be our main place for posting now. To post hit START NEW DISCUSSION - then it will give you a page to type just like our old one.

ROLL CALL Area - for now we are going to use that for Challenges, Newbie information and Daily type posts that you are used to seeing by the CL's - that should seperate out the more routine stuff from the very important happenings in each of your lives.

WHERE ARE ALL THE REPLIES>??????? That is the one thing you will have trouble with initially. THEY ARE inside..... the link - you have to click on the initial post to see what people replied with. If you want you can click on Outline View above and it will show you a more similar look to our last board, but it seems a bit confusing to me. Try it see if you like it.

MESSAGE TITLES - right now those are limited to a small number of charcters - so its going to be VERY important to give us the critical info in there. Like - if you have a ? about curves....... make that your title rather than... have a ? for you... etc.

If you are down and need encouragement or Up and want to celebrate - try to put that in your title... so that we can quickly see what we can help with or celebrate with.

MESSAGE TEXT - it used to be that we could put a title only post up - now there has to be at least one letter in any post...... so if your title says it all. In the post type NT

No doubt - our new home will feel a little strange for a while - but there are some cool things we can do with the new board - i'll post them below........

Well that's it for now...hang in there and email me with your concerns, ?'s or any feedback, we will do our best to make it the best place we can........ hugsssssssssssss



Here are some of the new features

1. Search: Hundreds of thousands of iVillagers have posted millions of messages on our boards. Now you'll be able to quickly find the information you need.

2. Favorite Boards: Store a list of all your favorite

boards in one easy-to-find place. Navigate easily between your favorites. "Favorite Boards" also tracks all the boards you've recently visited so you can remember where you've been. With one click, you can add a recently-visited board to your Favorites list.

3. Board Settings: You can specify your time zone. On boards where message rating is available, you can set your preferences

to display highly rated messages.

4. Profile: More questions -- and more options -- will allow you to get to know other iVillagers better and help them know more about you! You can add friends to your Friends list or choose to ignore

posts from certain members. You can also pick a personal avatar to add to your profile. (Note: Because our current Profiles will change, please

save the URL for your current iVillage Profile. The current Profiles will remain live for a month after launch to allow you time to save profile information. You can access your current Profile through its URL or by clicking on your member name on the iVillage homepage).

5. Send Emails to Your Friends: The new Member Profiles allow you to send email to other members of your community even if you don't know their email address. To protect their privacy -- and yours -- email addresses are not displayed.

6. Easier Posting: When you respond to a message, it will appear below the box where you type your reply.

7. Edit & Delete: You will be able to edit your message AFTER you have posted it.

Or perhaps you have second thoughts about your message after you post it. If it hasn't yet received any replies, you'll be able to delete it.

8. Sort Options: Sort messages so they are displayed in the way that is best for you! You can choose to view all messages, to see

messages you haven't read, or see all messages posted in the past day, the past two days or the past week.

9. Printing & Bookmarking Options: Next to every message, you'll see links that make it easy to print or bookmark each message.

10. Rate This Message: When you read a message that impresses you, you'll be able to rate it so others will know how good it is. (Note: This ratings feature will be turned off on some message

boards if it isn't appropriate to the topic of the board.)

Other features: Our new boards won't look or function exactly like our old boards. On the main board page, you'll just see the title of

messages that start new discussions. If you prefer to see a list of message titles and all the replies (like the style of our old boards),

just click on Outline View.

The most active discussions are listed first. Whenever a new message is added to an existing conversation, it moves to the top of the list. But

with the new Sort and Search features, you'll be able to organize the message display in different ways and find a message once it's moved

down the list.