A little late night meandering-CL-Dianez

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A little late night meandering-CL-Dianez
Wed, 03-26-2003 - 8:05am
A little late night meandering down the road we are all traveling...m

From: cl-dianez1

You know, I look down this board and see so much hope and determination

for the future given freely and with a compassion only someone who

understands can give. We wonder why we are so drawn here. This is a

place of no judgement--a place where people will laugh or cry with

someone they have never met. Someone who sees themself in all the

posts on this board and can find a thread of connection that people in

the "regular" world can't find. Most times, there is no need to explain--

only tell the fact and it has already been comprehended by people who

have lived your life and felt your pain and disappointment in yourself

when the past efforts were met with failure. And these same people

can cheer with joy over some little triumph even when their efforts

have been lacking that day.... It seems our success is bound together

by this commonness of experience that we all have and the feelings

and hopes and dreams that we all share. I have many friends in my

life. Some of them know almost everything there is to know about me,

but they don't know the things I have told here. They would comiserate

but not understand. What ever it is that holds us together here,

we are bound by each others successes for as one succeeds we all

succeed! When you are disappointed in your results or in your efforts,

you can look at the people who are making this journey and doing well

and realize as long as we stick together it will be your turn soon.

When you don't acknowledge failure or giving up, you have to

succeed in time. When that success is yours, these same friends

you've made here will be the ones cheering the loudest and with

the most sincerity because they are cheering for themselves.

As each one of us reaches our goal, we take all the others with us.

We do have the power and we will use it! Good for us and cheers for

a place you can trust in a world where trust and sincerity is at a premium.