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Wed, 03-26-2003 - 6:18pm
Well, this board format is certainly different. I don't know if I like it or not. Well, today I dragged my friend out of the house. We went mall walking. Once around the mall did her back in. But it is a start. We went to Pizza Hut for lunch and I showed her the ropes of eating out and losing weight. After she ate her meal, she realized that she didn't miss some of usual favorites. I think I will corner her hub and see if I can get him to put $2 for every pound she loses into a hidden jar. When she loses 33 lbs she can get a very, very pretty dress for church. It is a $119 regular price and $60 on sale. This will be a special treat for her. She doesn't think she is pretty which is absolutely ridicules. I think if she puts on a pretty dress once a week it will do her wonders. Who knows maybe by then the dress will be marked down even more and she can get beautified too. I won't tell her hub that probably she can knock off 33 lbs in a month to 2 months. The advantage of being super big is that the first 10 to 20 can come off fast.