Worked my muscles Yesterday and..

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Worked my muscles Yesterday and..
Thu, 03-27-2003 - 7:39am
I know it worked because I am sore! I am back on track! I want to stay there! I think coming here helps so much and I have been to busy lately. I am not focusing on the scale right now since I am weight training. I am just looking at my shorts and if they feel lose I will be happy! More exercising today! I am skipping the wieght training on the muscles that are sore. My tummy isn't so I may do some crunches since it wasn't worked very hard yeaterday. I will just use the treadmill or go walking today outside.

I also need to join in the no Muching after dinner!!! Last night I did OK but that has been my big downfall all last weeek! I just need to quit eating junk at night after I did so good all day!