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What's the first thing you think about when you wake up in the morning?

a. Argh! I overslept again!

b. Whose turn is it to take the kids to school?

c. What's for breakfast?

If you answered c, keep reading. In fact, keep reading even if you

answered a or b. We need breakfast to jump-start our brains and

muscles for a new day. Our morning meal also gets our metabolisms

going and keeps us from bingeing the minute we see the office vending

machine (two big bonuses for any dieter). And forget about not having

time for breakfast, because starting tomorrow morning you can use

these easy tips, eat healthy and still get out the door on time.

Ready in less than five minutes

Rushed for time in the morning? Try one of these delicious breakfasts

that are ready to eat in less than five minutes:

1. Pour a bowl of high-fiber cereal with skim milk and add a piece of

fruit or a glass of juice and you're on your way. Increasing fiber in

your diet can help lower fat intake and cholesterol levels, not bad

for a simple bowl of cereal. Look for cereal with at least five grams

of fiber per serving.

2. Pop frozen multigrain waffles, pancakes or French toast in the

microwave or toaster. I make a double batch of homemade pancakes or

waffles on weekends and freeze the leftovers for a hot breakfast during

the week. Instead of syrup, try spreading applesauce, peanut butter

sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, or even yogurt over your pancakes.

3. Omelets literally take only minutes to prepare: While the pan is

heating, whip together eggs, milk and dried herbs. Pour into a heated

nonstick pan and cook. Serve with whole-grain toast and a glass of

juice. If you're trying to eat more vegetables, include last night's

leftover veggies in the egg mixture.

4. Instant oatmeal made with milk takes only two minutes to prepare.

For more nutritional value and less sugar, use plain oatmeal and top

with your favorite fruit.

Beat the heat with these breakfasts that don't need cooking

I rarely have time or energy to cook breakfast. A cold breakfast

works just as well as a home-cooked meal, and these breakfasts taste

as good as they make you feel.

5. Whip up a breakfast sundae: Scoop vanilla yogurt into a bowl and

top with sliced bananas, diced pineapple and strawberries. Toss a

handful of chopped nuts on top, and breakfast is served.

6. Leftover pizza makes anyone clamor for breakfast.

7. Try a sandwich for breakfast -- and hold the eggs and bacon.

Spread a whole-grain bagel with peanut butter and add sliced turkey

or ham, or layer hummus in a pita for a healthy start to the day.

Don't forget a glass of milk.

8. Whip up a breakfast smoothie: Blend milk or yogurt with fresh or

frozen fruit for a quick and delicious start to the day.

Breakfast on the run

Okay, so your morning routine is so hectic you don't have five

minutes to spare and you wouldn't cook breakfast even if you did.

Don't worry -- you can still eat breakfast. These simple, grab-and-go

meals can be eaten on the school bus, in the car or on the train. Just

make sure you eat them!

9. Grab a hard-boiled egg and a piece of fresh fruit as you rush out

the door.

10. String cheese, whole-grain cold cereal (hold the milk) and a

glass of tomato juice will make a well-balanced breakfast.

11. Pour high-fiber cold cereal into a disposable cup with a lid;

top with skim milk and pack a plastic spoon. Don't attempt this one

if you're doing the driving!

12. Spread peanut butter, tuna salad or shredded cheese in a

tortilla; roll and eat.