10 Tips of Encouragement

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10 Tips of Encouragement
Sat, 03-29-2003 - 8:02am
Losing weight and getting fit can be a rewarding journey. Before

you start or anytime you feel your motivation waning, return to this

page for affirmation and inspiration.

1. Be patient. Of course you want to see results quickly. But

remember: Being honest with yourself, visualizing your goals and

making the commitment to change your lifestyle are the keys to

long-term success. These things take time.

2. Rediscover good eating. Learn everything you can about low-fat

cooking, try some exotic fruits and vegetables, or taste-test some

low-fat products until you find your favorites. Rather than feeling

deprived, look at food in a new, exciting way. It will do wonders

for your willpower.

3. Think movement! Introduce some everyday activities to help make

exercise more of a habit than a chore. Take the stairs instead of

the escalator and walk rather than drive. Plan active outings instead

of going to a movie. You can even make cleaning the house an aerobic

exercise: Dance like crazy -- no one's watching!

4. Stay flexible on food. You don't have to nix all your favorite

goodies, nor should you feel guilty or abandon your goal if you

occasionally splurge. Enjoy every bite, then balance the rest of

the day -- or the next day -- with healthier foods.

5. Splurge on water. Think of water as a treat -- your body sure

does! Try it bubbly (in flavored seltzers) or on ice with citrus

slices. Drinking eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day is essential

to losing weight. It also keeps digestion smooth, cleanses your

body and curbs hunger. And it's great for your skin!

6. Know your needs. If you're susceptible to attacks of the midday

munchies, keep something crunchy and satisfying -- like fresh fruit,

low-fat pretzels or sweet baby carrots -- in your desk. If you always

want something sweet after dinner, don't fight it. Plan a scoop of

low-fat frozen yogurt or sorbet into your food plan.

7. Get scale-smart. Put the scale away if you're trying to lose

weight. Weight fluctuates too much day to day. Visit your scale

once a week or less and you'll start to see results.

8. Be goal-oriented. The most successful people in life set goals to

reach what they want. Write down your goals and watch yourself make

them happen.

9. Tap into visualization. If you can imagine it, you're that much

closer to getting there. Visualize your body without all those

unwanted pounds. Each day, picture yourself getting a little

slimmer. It will keep you focused and reaffirm good feelings

about yourself and your commitment.

10. Track your progress. Write down the new foods you discover,

every mile you walk, how you deal with cravings, every goal you

attain, when your clothes start fitting better, the first

compliment you receive -- all your finest moments. There

will be many!