Morning hilarities

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Morning hilarities
Sat, 03-29-2003 - 4:41pm
Hub blood pressure is up. Mine is down. Hub sugar was high 269. Mine was low 89. He said that I needed to eat. Well, duh!! I hadn't eaten this morning yet. I asked him what he ate to get his sugar high. He said, "Cheese". I said "Whatelse" He said "Bread" I said "Whatelse". He had to think but finally the truth came out when he mumbled something. I made him eat a proper lunch at BK. Chicken whopper without the bun and made him order the salad instead of the fries. He was pissed but when we got home from grocery shopping his blood sugar was normal 105. He was happy and walking around like a proud rooster. Well, duh!! Mine was 98. He looked at me and said, can't you get anything above a hundred. No. So hub went thru the grocery store looking at all his favorite foods and their sodium count. He discovered that he eats a lot of salt with his processed foods. Well, duh to why your blood pressure is up. Then he realized why mine tends to be low. I don't eat processed foods. I get to salt my foods. I only like salt on my meat and eggs. I really don't put that much on them.

Fatherdave scared me at the commissary by coming up behind me and barking like a mad dog. I jumped 3 ft high. The deli workers were heckling fatherdave. One asked where the turkey was. I naturally pointed to Fatherdave. The deli workers laughed and fatherdave was so busy talking he missed my insult. But no one else did. lol