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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 7:36am
You do have a voice her at ivillage, I don't know how much it will change, but i think those items that are changeable they will do.

Soooooo, express your feelings in very specific ways - rather than i just don't like it - tell us why, what don't you like, what would you ratehr see etc.

speak out!!

also -if you LOVE It or like certain things - tell them that as well!


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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 8:31am
The part I don't like is: When someone post on the board and then someone post a reply you can't see it... And you only see like 5 or 6 post on the screen at one time instead of the whole list...Chara
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 8:41am
Well, first of all, I need to explain that I am not computer savvy at all! lol ivillage is the first and only message board I have ever been with. I have looked at others, but I didn't understand the format, the "threads" and things. I find it confusing.

Now, unfortunately, this one is becoming like that. I would have to say that if the board had been this format when I first found it, I would have been too confused and overwhelmed to figure it out.

That being said, I understand that if a lot of other message boards are on this format, then this is what everyone else understands, and is already familiar with. So even though it is difficult for me personally, others may be more comfortable.

Since I've been here a while, and I love you guys, I already know this board is worth the efffort to learn the new format! {{{HUGS}}}

A second issue I have is that I have been unable to access the board from Netscape Navigator. That is my primary browser. My hub did load Internet Explorer for me so I can get here now.

I think that's all the whining I have for now! lol

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 9:32am
I like everything EXCEPT when someone posts a reply it sends that message to the top of the board. You have to sift through everything to get to new messages. I think I like everything else though!
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 10:13am
I don't like the way everytime you post a message or reply the message goes to the top of the list. This makes it real confusing and I have to search through all the messages to make sure I haven't missed a new one.

I also don't like how you can only view one message per page. I'd like to see something where you can click on outline view and be given all the messages for the day with full text. It would be good if it only was for 1 day that way it wouldn't load too slowly.

I do like the search function and the way it tells you how many views each message got. It's nice to see your message was read even though it may not get alot of replies.

I also like the way you can save your fave boards.

So I think if they just stopped the posts from jumping around and made some way to view all the messages and text for 1 day that would pretty well solve alot of the problems.

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 11:22am
As a person who resists change, but has grown accustomed to having it thrust upon me...There are things that I like: I like the profiles, the little icon thing, and the outline function. There are things that I DON'T like: the other format was more user friendly (for ppl like me who are not very computer literate), this format is not as easy to read even with the outline function and for those of us who were very used to the other format; this format has been difficult to master.

I did say I would keep an open mind, which I have. I also said I would post more often, which I have not. Now, that being said, I have found it more difficult to post with the new format because I don't know where anything is. It's kind of like when your Mom comes to stay with you and rearranges your kitchen. It may be more efficient, but you don't know where anything is. It'll come, right??? LOL

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 12:59pm
I guess I am the oddball. I really like this board. It is more like another board (non weight loss) that I go to, except the other board shows all the replies just like the first one except below them in order they were posted. You don't have to click on a link to go to each additional reply, they are all in the same page. I only posted once in the old format. It moved too quickly for me. I find that I can keep up with this one a little better. Maybe it is just that I take the time now that I have found out how wonderful you all are!!!


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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 1:44pm
Ok i have been posting on this board now for over 2 years... and I really liked the old format... I grew very accustomed to it and was able to navigate pretty easily.

I really do not like not being able to see the responses to the post all at one time... and how you can only see 5 or 6 post at a time...

I do like how you can add people to your friends list and adding to the favorite boards as well. i like the icons though I have not used this feature yet.

See the old format was fun... you could see what everyone was saying and well, the one thing that I enjoyed was how everyone welcomed the newbies.... and now I am not so sure if it is easy for them or if they may have liked the old formatt...

anyhow... I personally have my dislikes and likes about the new format and I am still learning how to navigate this one... but it is well worth the learning because I have made alot of great friends here on the board...

Well I guess what I am saying is both formats have their benefits...

Ok I am all done rmabling on...



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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 3:57pm
I don't like this new format because you can't just come to the board and see everyone's posts at once. This one seems to confusing, and you have to keep clicking to see all the responses. I feel like posts may go unnoticed, especially newbies posts. Overall pretty disapointed with it.
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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 4:42pm
For the most part I really like the was confusing at first, but I spent alot of time messing with it and I think I actually like it better. I like the profiles...creative questions :o), and the icons. I also like the way that the post moves up when responded to. The reason I like this is because in the old format, if it was someone asking for advice; say 5 days ago, and someone responded it would be way down at the bottom and most people forgot about it. This way it goes right up where people can see and learn from the advice. I don't think that it interfears with the newer posts because any time you log into the board it shows a dot next to everything that was posted since the last time you were here...which is another thing i like.

The things I do not like is the fact that you can only see like 6 of the new posts. the posts you read are dotted so I think it would be nice if the format would allow all the dotted posts to be shown at once. I also don't like the fact that you can only see the name of ther person who started the discussion, not the people who responded. It's not a huge deal for me, but for some reason it just sorta bugs me. It would be nice to see who replied on the first page.

Hope this helps!

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Sun, 03-30-2003 - 6:39pm
I agree with most people that the most frustrating thing is that you can't actually see a summary or replies to posts and who posted them. I don't feel as conencted to the board anymore and also I find that this means it feel less like a community.

I really did try to embrace the change and it works well when things are going ok in my life, but I found when I really needed help the board was frustrating and ailinanating.

It takes alot of time to find and reply to posts that you are 'interested in'.

I think that this board could make better use of the POST GROUP TITLES, for example have one discussion group about weekly challenges, one about non-'topid' related discussions, one for nowicans etc?