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Fri, 04-04-2003 - 8:28am
My hub, son and I went to Rick's. Geesh a dull day there. But I did see a hunky enter the Subway Shop. I must remember to eat at subway on thurs.

The dreaded possessed bathroom. The mirrors are still not up. No surprise there. I have been removing the paint from the door jamb and the cabinets. I swear Linda Blair spit out her pea soup in my bathroom. No, it couldn't be my sloppy painting. hehehe.

My blood sugar levels are improving in the upward bound department. Geesh, my diabetic hub can't get his down (ok, he misbehaves all day and he wonders why) and I can't get mine up. I do feel a little better eating more food. I feel really odd eating snacks in the evening. I guess I have to give up on my rule of no eating after 7. I like that rule of mine.