Oldie but Newbie... back on the Wagon

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Oldie but Newbie... back on the Wagon
Mon, 04-07-2003 - 1:59am
yo, hey all you oldies and newbies. it's been awhile since i posted. and what's with the change. i have been off and on for about the last 8 months. i guess that's due to me being married now for the last 10 months. things are going great. hubby is on his way to ft lauderdale to buy some equipment for the business. i am up late, can't sleep good without him. well, ms fixn2Bsexy, congrats on the CL hat. you are looking good. Keep up whatever u'r doing. and jazzCee, way 2 go girl. good to see u on here supporting and us for u too.

i posted down in the New Roll call, but here's a quick update on me. i started out november 2001 at 240 pounds. i am currently at 189. my old goal weight was 155, remember me: 155mx. anyway, i am all about those 34 pounds, but i really want to get down to 120. just to see what i will look like. i may eventually end up at 140, but it's worth a try.

i quit Curves4Women, i liked it, but the hours were all wrong for me. i have recently joined the YMCA it is 40 miles from the house but well worth the drive. hub even goes with me sometimes. this summer the kids will be able to go with me, which will make it more fun. i also bought myself a bicycle along with the rest of the family. and in june i am planning on buying me a splashPool. i am hoping for the 17x28 size, we'll see.

good to see all the oldies and can't wait to meet all the Newbies. Later, Mai*

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 8:56am
Welcome Back Mai!! Looks like you're doing great. Congrats on the weight loss so far!!


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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 9:48am
Wooohooo! Mai! Welcome back! I love being pleasantly surprised, and seeing your post certainly was a pleasant surprise!

You're doing awesome. You're only 9 pounds from MY goal weight! LOL

Hugs, Linda

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Mon, 04-07-2003 - 11:43am
Welcome home sweetie!!!! Glad to hear things are going well for you and I am pleased and impressed that you have maintained your weight loss. Looking forward to seeing you as you continue on your journey! Hugs, Debra