Exciting news! (And our February exe...

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Exciting news! (And our February exe...
Sat, 02-02-2002 - 11:35am

Exciting news! (And our February exercise) (m)

We have a new writing teacher here at Readers & Writers! She is our own Shirley Kawa-Jump (She doesn't really belong to us. She belongs to her kids.), a/k/a CL-Writingmom of Romance Readers & Writers and Writing Articles. Her photo is on my dining room table right now. Huh? It's on the back cover of her book, "How to Publish Your Articles." The book's in the dining room 'cause that's the best light in the house and I'm reading it right now.

There will be all new exercises from now on, thanks to Shirley. This month's exercise (did you see the news on the main message board screen for R&W?) is from a lesson titled "Write Better Naked!" Here's the link: http://www.ivillage.com/books/writer/lesson/articles/0,11872,240829_415270,00.html

Now that we've sung and danced and run with the big dogs, we can strip down to our skivvies to look for our writing passions. WARNING!: Don't write naked in the public library!

Shirley will be in the chat room every Monday night at 10 P.M. ET for a discussion of the lesson and exercise for the month. Well, she'll be there four Mondays a month so she might get a few Mondays off every year. ;-) I'll stay up past my bedtime for this! West Coasters, don't miss this chat. It promises to be a great one.

Join me, gentle writers, in welcoming Shirley and in having a ton of fun with this month's exercise!


P.S. The link in the introduction to the board and in the "More Suggestions" box will get you to the right place. (The one in the left-hand navbar may take a few days. LOL!)