Getting bored with my "menu".

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Getting bored with my "menu".
Mon, 09-14-2009 - 5:26pm

Yup. I'm getting bored eating the same things all the time. Seems like that's always what happens to me. I get on track, and I start eating healthier. Then after about a month, I get bored eating what I'm "used" to eating, but I'm scared to shake it up a bit, for fear I'll get hungry.... Mostly it's my lunches. You wouldn't think it, being as I'm a stay-at-home-Mum and I have my fridge, stove, micro all at hand. But yes, I get into a rut.

So, what do you eat for lunch? How often do you switch it up?

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Mon, 09-14-2009 - 10:36pm

Hey Tracie!

OK, coming from someone who frequently has a couple protein shakes a day as my meal because I can't think of anything or run out of time...

If you like eggs, egg salad with a low fat or fat free mayonnaise, mustard, relish, maybe some finley diced celery, on wheat toast or bread with a side salad... or sometimes I cut a red pepper in half and put the egg salad in the pepper like a little bowl. I also will do an omelet heavy on veggies if I'm home.

I also like Barilla Plus angel hair pasta, it has protein, drizzle a tiny amount of olive oil, some herbs, and grated parm and/or romano, dice a tomato on top.

Tuna salad... or salad with tuna on it... or salad with some chicken on it.

Leftovers are always good, or when I'm super lazy or super busy, a frozen WW or LC.

There is also a grocery chain here in the south that makes AWESOME turkey sweet and hot italian sausage. I usually take them out of the casing because I'm weird like that, and make little meatballs, brown them and throw in onions and peppers, small side of pasta with the olive oil, herbs, cheese, tomato...

I try to stay away from lunch meats, deli meats, due to the sodium content, (like there isn't sodium in the frozen dinners, ha!).

Well, that's all my tired brain can come up with, not real exciting.

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Tue, 09-15-2009 - 12:58am

I eat salad with chicken breast

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Wed, 09-16-2009 - 11:30pm

Hi Tracie,

I have a menu plan. I spilt my weeks to work days and weekends. During the week I have sandwiches with different toppings and weekends it can be something I cook up. Mind you it can vary through out the year. For ex: I have in Winter soups and Summer be salads.



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Fri, 09-18-2009 - 12:48pm
Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions! Love the peppers and egg salad suggestion! So very yummy and I don't have the worry of eating bread. Great!
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Sat, 09-19-2009 - 7:57pm

I hear you loud and clear!

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Sat, 09-19-2009 - 8:45pm

I'm not sure if you like to cook a lot (I'm a big cooker) and I find that is a great website for finding recipes.


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Sun, 09-20-2009 - 5:34pm
what kind of protein shakes do you drink? ive never had one before


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Mon, 09-21-2009 - 11:02pm
I either use a whey protein powder or if I'm in a hurry, I keep High Protein Boost in the refrigerator because I can grab one and go if I'm short on time or motivation to use the blender!