Food for thought...

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Food for thought...
Tue, 09-22-2009 - 12:46pm

Don't know if this will help any of you, but thought I'd post it just in case. It's been a break through moment for me.

As I've already posted, my dh and I go for some marriage counselling. Through the counseling, the subject of my weight has come up. The therapist has recommended journaling my emotions of why, when and what I eat. So on a following session, she asked how the journaling is going. I told her I HATE HATE HATE asking myself WHY I want to eat. I get really angry asking myself this question. I don't know the answer, I JUST WANT TO EAT! Anyhow, she thinks I hate asking myself the question because I don't want to analyze anything. I just want the immediate gratification food gives me. If I ask the question, them I am RESPONSIBLE for eating this or that... I'd rather just eat, and be mad at eating, so then I eat some more and deal with it tomorrow, or the next day, or two weeks from the first binge... That's why I spiral out of control for months at a time.

This rings true for me. Of course that's my story. Not sure if it fits any of you, but in case it does, thought I'd post it. I would have NEVER come up with that myself, but I'm awfully glad my therapist helped me with this.


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Tue, 09-22-2009 - 10:28pm


I think you have a very good and smart therapist...first for her journal suggestion and then for her explanation of why you hate doing it....

It is so easy to try to make everyone else responsible for things...and yet learning to own our own choices is so powerful!

Thanks for sharing this


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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 9:52pm

Thanks Tracie!

That's definitely something to think about...I never really took time to think about why I eat things. I wonder if it's some what

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Wed, 09-23-2009 - 11:08pm
Tracie~ I'm like you I hate myself. My Social Worker gave me a journal to fill out why I eat. I hate doing it to but it


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Fri, 09-25-2009 - 7:31pm

Also, understanding the WHY of it is a big step in getting control of it.