Thank you for the warm welcome--day 1!!

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Thank you for the warm welcome--day 1!!
Fri, 10-16-2009 - 4:04pm
Thanks for all the advice...Im keeping a food journal, and drinking water today....might even excersise if the weather holds out(gotta love washington) surprised already at all the fat and cal in my "healthy" breakfast......I poached an egg, turkey bacon, and cheese, with butter sub on a whole wheat english muffin.....was delich--but next time i will leave off cheese(or get reduced fat) and no butter sub at all.......32 oz of water and counting!!yaaa!!! husband is doing it wityh me so a little easier!! thanks agian
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Sun, 10-18-2009 - 2:26pm

Excellent start Mandy!

I love breakfast foods too!

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Thu, 10-22-2009 - 3:09am

I missed your initial post, but still wanted to welcome you! I see you are already doing great! I am just getting back on track myself after having my last baby. I have procrastinated and he is no longer a baby, but a toddler. I have to do something, I weigh almost what I did when I went to have him.

Best wishes on your weight loss journey. Your water drinking has inspired me, I am going to try to ditch