sighhh ... broken spirited and EXHAUSTED

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sighhh ... broken spirited and EXHAUSTED
Sun, 10-18-2009 - 12:30pm

school has started .... i'm BUSY ... i'm EXHAUSTED...i have NO time to cook or even get home at a decent time to eat REAL food so i been doing the fast food thing WAYYYYY too much LOL

it's cold .... getting out there in the almost-dark to walk? um ... NO! LOL

oh yeah i forgot to mention i had surgery and had part of my cervix removed to get rid of precancerous cells .... not too bad, pretty quick recovery time and didn't affect my fertility or anything :]

im pretty sure i've gained back 20 of those pounds i lost (ugh!) ....

the light at the end of the tunnel? i've acquired a part time job on campus in the ATHLETIC department of all places with the most awesome boss ever :) they have a wellness center and gym in there for the athletes but it's open to just about anyone and me and my friend suzie are going to start walking on the treadmill 3 times a week.... oh yeah did i forget to mention that my boss is a certified personal trainer? gold mine!! and all of it for free ... actually, all of it while i'm getting PAID! yes you saw that right ... she's PAYING me to "keep an eye on the people in the weight rooms" while i'm walking LOL

sigh ... so hopefully i can get back on track :) imma hafta start packing lunch too i guess or at the very least try to do subway more than the other crap lol


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Sun, 10-18-2009 - 1:05pm

Hi Monica!

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Sun, 10-18-2009 - 10:17pm



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Mon, 10-19-2009 - 1:22am
glad to hear your recovery was quick.....your job sounds like the perfect answer to your dilema!! it will just take a bit prob but sounds like you are on the right track...hang in there!! mandy
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Mon, 10-19-2009 - 3:30pm


Sorry you are having a frustrating time, but it seems like yu are learning from your experiences...

Finding the time somewhere to purchase healthy foods and to prepare and carry them is so critical....You can make a pretty quick salad to go with bagged lettuce, cherry tomatoes, baby carrots, and hard boiled eggs.