New Here!

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New Here!
Mon, 02-08-2010 - 1:23pm

Hello Everyone!

I am new to this board. I have been overweight for about 5 years now and have always made up excuse after excuse. I am 5' 6" and I weigh 218. I think losing 100 would be a little too much but I am significantly overweight and I need to lose about 75 lbs. I hope that I am welcome here, even though I don't need to lose 100 lbs or more. Let me know if I should be in another forum.

I am excited to meet everyone and I am ready to begin this journey!

The main reason I want to lose weight is I want to be in shape for my daughter. She is 15 months old and I'd like to be in better shape for the beach this year. I am sick and tired of being out of breath just by walking in the sand. I want to get in a bathing suit without feeling like a penguin in a bathing suit!

Take care everyone!

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Mon, 02-08-2010 - 9:50pm

You are very welcome on this forum!

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Tue, 02-09-2010 - 8:43pm

Hi and welcome!

I loved SJ's reply "just consider it a 25 lb head start" .

Things are kind of quiet out here these days, but feel free to jump in any time.