I'm Back!...Again!

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I'm Back!...Again!
Thu, 02-18-2010 - 9:02am

Hello ladies,

I've been here a few times but have been unable to stick to it. I had a revelation about 2 weeks ago after a nighttime eating binge. I just thought, 'what am I doing?' The next morning I started my new life. The thing about me is that I know a lot about healthy eating. I know how to cook from scratch, how to get rid of the bad foods. I eat a lot of natural, whole foods anyway, it's just that I supplement those good foods with binges that include everything I can get my hands on. I also have a tremendous sweet tooth and soda is a weakness. Anyway, I decided 2 weeks ago yesterday that it was time to get busy! I'm tired of being fat! I'm tired of feeling bad about myself! I started blogging about it. I write on a daily basis my weight, what I've eaten and anything else I'm thinking about or dealing with. It's definitely been helping me to stay accountable although I have no followers and I'm not sure I want any. It's just like an online diary. I do it for me, to keep me accountable to myself. I post pictures and measurements. It's really fun actually, but it's kind of embarrassing. Maybe at some point I'll post the blog link.

I started at 235 and today I made it down to 227. My highest weight was 237 so this is my 10 pounds lost mark. I'm pretty excited. I feel much better too. It's amazing what a 10 pound loss feels like, I feel lighter even though it's only 10 pounds. I'm starting my 3rd week. I started to get serious about exercise about a week and a half ago. I can now run for 2 minutes at a time! So excited!

Anyway - I feel like I'm back with a vengeance. This time I'm going to do it!

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Thu, 02-18-2010 - 9:48pm


Welcome back!

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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 2:52am
I am back too! Hurray, for everyone that comes back. I hope you do well, and don't be embarrassed. We're all here for the same reason.
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Sun, 02-21-2010 - 2:27pm

Hi Abbie, and a warm welcome back!