New Here. Need some help

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New Here. Need some help
Wed, 07-14-2010 - 1:01am
Hello. I'm new to this board. I am looking for some help in my weight loss journey. I am 25 mother of 3 and I run a home daycare. I have between 5-10 kids monday threw Friday. I am 105 pounds over weight. I have been on Adipex twice. Lost 40 pounds. But now that I am off them again (with the government regulations) I have no energy and the pounds are slowly creeping back on. I dot have energy to do anything. I have a gym membership thats barely used. I often find my self falling asleep after all the kids leave, and snacking all the time. I don't know what I can do. I went to a seminar on lapband the other day, and have started my 9 month
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Thu, 07-15-2010 - 5:18pm

Hello and welcome to the board! I am 31, married 11 1/2 yearsm



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Fri, 07-16-2010 - 2:15pm

Hi and welcome!

Sounds like you have your hands full!