a small difference

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a small difference
Fri, 08-06-2010 - 5:28pm
where i live it is hot out so the past couple days or so I have not felt like eatting but I have my diet iced tea and ice pops made with splenda when I got on the scale this morning it said 386 lbs!!! I am under 390 again woo woo. now if i
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Sun, 08-08-2010 - 11:54am

Sorry Im so late with my reply i don't get on here as often as i should maybe a couple times a week.


Im so glad that you drove right over



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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 3:56pm
That's wonderful I know I love it when I break into a new bracket, stay motivated you

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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 1:35pm

Maryanne, that is terrific!

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Sat, 08-07-2010 - 12:35am

Congrats!! I bet that feel awesome! When I dropped below 320 I was ecstatic and 319 seems to be one of those small walls I had to break through but I think I got that beat too. Onward and downward! =)