New Here Introducing myself!

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New Here Introducing myself!
Wed, 08-18-2010 - 8:25pm

Hello all,

My name is Christine. I've been on a weight loss journey for quite sometime now. My highest weight was 335 lbs, and I'm currently at about 278 lbs (I'm 5'10). I've hit kind of a slump and thought that joining a support board might help. My husband is very supportive of my desire to lose weight but he is and always has been in perfect shape so it's hard for him to understand what I'm going through. I am definitely an emotional/boredom eater. I look forward to meeting and getting to know you all.


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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 4:13am

Welcome to the board Christine! I'm pretty sure every single one of us has hit slumps for various reasons so you'll find plenty of support here for that! I started my journey close to your beginning weight. I was around 325 when I began and I'm 5'6". I've been seesawing up and down for the past couple of months but my current weight is 317.4.

I hope you stick around a while and post often. I look forward to following your journey!


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Thu, 08-19-2010 - 9:55pm


Welcome to the board!

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Fri, 08-20-2010 - 3:04am
Hi and welcome. I'm also fairly new and I joined in hopes that I might get some support and encouragement that I don't get from family and friends. So far it has been a fairly positive experience.
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Sun, 08-22-2010 - 1:08pm

Hi Christine, and welcome to our board.

Ah, yes.