Back from vacation...

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Back from vacation...
Thu, 08-07-2008 - 5:29pm

I had been hoping to do some editing on my novel while away. I went to DH's hometown (4 days before him) and took my laptop. No internet signal at the in-laws' so I thought I could work on my novel... except that I have to upgrade the document from one computer to the other and in order to do that I needed the code from the software box. Oh well...

I did a lot of observing and thinking and many inspirations came to me so I may have some fodder for some writing. I did a lot of journaling, which is good. I hadn't even been doing any of that of late.

The most exciting thing, as always, is watching my husband step-dance for an audience. First for his family at the family reunion (and I taped it so I can watch it every day while he is still away), and then in front of a huge crowd in a small hall where he got paid $20 and received a standing ovation. It was being filmed for a documentary and he was interviewed and photographed by the local newspaper. I so wish I could share videos online without registering with YouTube.

I told my husband that he could really write a memoir. He agreed in that he does have a great story to tell about his life, but he is not a writer. I would have to do all the work, including drill him with questions. Not sure I'm ready to take that on yet but the man is a celebrity in his home province (not just town), but I think a few essays here and there are waiting to be written.

Vacations can be good after all, even if it is with the French speaking in-laws!


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Sun, 08-10-2008 - 6:33pm

Welcome back, Pat!

I tried to welcome you back at least twice and the Dinosaur Dell decided to poop out before the message would post. I'll e-mail you the juicy stuff that didn't get where it belonged.

Meanwhile, you are my first post on my NEW LAPTOP!!!

All the keys work and Furry Murray decided to go with a wireless connection and is in the process of networking all our peripherals. The computers are holding hands on a fast connection already. He'll have our printers networked before I move my word files from the Dinosaur to Lightning MicDell. Heck, he'll network things we don't even have before Dinosaur Dell even connects to the Internet!

Great to see you back, Pat! Glad you had a good vacation - with the exception of the technology thing. Believe me - I feel your pain.